Acitretin Capsules

Acitretin Capsules

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Acitretin Capsules Product Information

Acitretin Capsules used for the treatment of severe resistant psoriasis in adults. It may also be prescribed for other purposes.  Acitretin, is available in 10 mg and 25 mg capsules for oral administration.

Name of Drug

Acitretin Capsules :   Acitretin Capsules are more well known as Generic Soriatane├é┬« Acitretin is also referred to as  Acitretin, Acetec, Aceret or Acitrin. We supply Acetec Capsules.

Manufacturer Of Acitretin Capsules (Acetec Capsules)

  • The manufacturer of Acitretin Capsules (Acetec) is the pharmaceutical company Dr Reddy Laboratories Ltd., India.

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Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient in Acitretin Capsules

The active pharmaceutical ingredient contained in Acitretin capsules is Acitretin.

Uses of Acitretin Capsules (Acetec Capsules)

Acitretin (Acetec Capsules) is used to treat severe resistant psoriasis in adults.

Acitretin Capsules Dosage

Initial dose: 25 to 50 mg orally as a single dose with food. Oral absorption of Acitretin Capsules is optimal when given with food.

Maintenance dose: 25 to 50 mg/day; dosage should be individualized according to patient's response.

Drug Class and Mechanism

Acitretin is an oral retinoid. Retinoid is a form of Vitamin A. The mechanism of action is not known yet.